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Will California’s Violent Crime Rate Decrease with Reduced Crime Penalties?


Will California’s Violent Crime Rate Decrease with Reduced Crime Penalties?

February 5, 2021
Will California's Violent Crime Rate Decrease with Reduced Crime Penalties?

For decades, researchers have been curious how changing the consequences of a crime can affect the crime rate and relapse rate for that particular crime. Some might say that certain crimes have way too harsh of consequences – such as many crimes involving the use and/or sale of drugs. Others might say that, say, the punishments for sex crimes should be more severe. Everyone has their own opinion, and every criminal reacts differently to different forms and lengths of punishments, but ultimately, it’s all about what would be better overall for the vast majority that most people consider.

Usually, Less Punishment Means More Crime

Many studies over the years have shown that normally, when punishments are reduced or softened up, more people commit that crime.

This might be true for many reasons. For one, fewer punishments makes a crime seem less serious and more “normal,” hence why perpetrators may not mind as much committing such a crime. Less punishments also means criminals will be out from behind bars sooner, giving them a greater opportunity to commit the crime again, especially if they didn’t have enough time to fully “learn their lesson” when they were imprisoned.

Often, the better thing to do in regards to punishing a criminal is perhaps to shape the punishment around the criminal rather than put a criminal into a mold and assume a certain length of punishment will work perfectly for said individual as it does for some people. This is why prisons and jails in the state of California often give criminals the opportunity to get released sooner or face less serious consequences if they exhibit good behavior, aren’t violent, and don’t show any signs that they may return to criminal life upon release. After all, not even perpetrator is expected to recommit, but on the other hand, some perpetrators cannot be trusted.

Regardless of Punishment Level, Get a Criminal Defense Attorney to Defend You

Have you been accused of committing a crime? Whether you actually did it or not, know that no matter what the crime was or how serious or mild the punishments are, if you do end up getting charged, know that it is your right to defend yourself and to hire an attorney who can help represent you. It isn’t okay for you to end up receiving punishments that you don’t deserve. Do what’s best for you, and choose to fight for justice.

If you need a violent crime defense attorney in Southern California, give Lisa Mattern a call at 310-342-8254.

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