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Are You Being Put on Trial for a Sex Crime You Didn’t Commit in West Los Angeles CA? Get Help Now

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Firm News

The criminal justice system isn’t perfect, and it’s not always fair. Although relatively rare, it’s still a definite possibility that one could be accused of a crime they never truly committed. And in even rarer cases, though still possible, one may not only be accused with a crime but be found guilty of the crime that they never committed. Talk about frustrating.

One of the many crimes one would never, ever want to be mistakenly accused of is a sex crime. In an unfortunate situation like this one, it’s absolutely imperative to reach out to a criminal defense lawyer to help back you in the courtroom.

A Sex Crime Can Really Change the Course of Your Life

You might ask, “Why is it so important for me to get a criminal defense attorney to defend me against a sex crime? Can’t I defend myself?”

In your head, you might think you have it handled, but the seriousness surrounding the crime can leave you feeling overwhelmed in the courtroom and incapable of properly disputing the false claim held against you. Not to mention, you may lack an in-depth understanding of criminal justice, which may impair your ability to adequately defend yourself.

And what happens if you get found guilty? Well, your life is about to change big time. Where you’re able to work, whether or not you can adopt or foster a child, your approval status of a major loan, and where you wish to live can all be impacted by just one, single sex crime listed on your permanent record. That said, a defense attorney is someone you genuinely need in this scenario.

Sex Crime Cases We Can Work With

The Mattern Law Firm can assist you with a wide range of sex-related cases. These include rape, sexual battery, possession of child pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, lewd conduct, indecent exposure, sexual abuse of children, oral copulation by force, and sexual misconduct.

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Even if they have a good chance of proving themselves innocent, we strongly recommend those who have been accused of engaging in a sex crime to contact a sex crime attorney who can provide solid criminal defense. With how serious the consequences might be, you want to get the most defense possible to ensure your case gets dropped.

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