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A Skilled Defense Attorney Can Easily Fight Allegations of Sexual Battery in San Fernando CA

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Firm News

It’s never easy discovering that you’ve been accused of doing something you didn’t do. Maybe when you were little, your sibling accused you of breaking your mom’s expensive vase when it was actually they who did it by mistake. As you got older, you might have even had a coworker accuse you of making a serious error on the job when it wasn’t you at all.

False allegations occur for many reasons. Sometimes people accuse you as a way to retaliate against you or prevent something good from happening to you. Other times, it’s a complete mistake; maybe they genuinely thought you did it and didn’t realize that it was someone else. Either way, receiving false allegations is never fun.

But imagine getting falsely accused of engaging in something highly illegal like sexual battery. With how hefty the consequences can be and how bad something like this can look on your record, the last thing you’d want is to be found guilty of committing it.

Sexual Battery is a Serious Crime

With a penalty of up to five years in state prison, multiple thousands of dollars in fines, probation, and/or registration as a sex offender under Megan’s Law, being found guilty of sexual battery is a major deal. Committing even a misdemeanor can be completely life altering.

That said, it’s strongly suggested that one being accused of sexual battery should consult with a long-time sexual battery criminal defense attorney right away.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Defend Against Sexual Battery Allegations

Often, the individual falsely accusing one of sexual battery has missing pieces in their story, not enough details, far too many details, or even false information or straight lies weaved into their story for it to be true. It’s usually a lawyer who’s able to catch these little flaws in the other party’s story.

So, in other words, criminal defense attorneys are super sly when it comes to breaking down the details of the accuser’s story and using that as a weapon to prove their client innocent. A criminal defense attorney will also be interested in finding evidence, from text messages to GPS data, to defend their client as best as possible.

Attorney Lisa Mattern Will Defend You Until the End

Do you require a defense attorney in San Fernando, CA to help you with a sexual battery allegation? Lisa Mattern is the right gal for you.

Years of experience in the courtroom has given Ms. Mattern the knowledge she needs to best defend her clients and prospective clients. Her legal knowledge surrounding violent and sexual crimes like sexual battery make her a trustworthy, reliable lawyer who is both intelligent, sharp-witted, yet sensitive during such a serious and scary allegation.

Lisa Mattern’s phone number is 310-807-1263 if you’re interested in talking to her more about her criminal defense services.