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Using Prop 47 To Reduce Your Non-Violent Felony Conviction

At The Mattern Law Firm, we never stop striving to provide relief to individuals who have gotten tangled up in the California justice system. Even if your case is over and you have no chance for appeal, we may still be able to offer you some relief in our capacity as a Prop 47 attorney.

What is Prop 47?

Prop 47 is a sentencing relief measure that takes felony penalties off the table for non-violent offenders who commit certain low-level crimes such as:

Prop 47 Doesn’t Just Apply To New Crimes

Prop 47 can be applied retroactively to past convictions. This presents a tremendous benefit to individuals who are currently incarcerated on a qualifying felony. If you have a loved one who is currently serving a sentence, make sure they reach out to a Prop 47 lawyer in Los Angeles CA right away for help filing a resentencing petition that could very well bring them home sooner.

Should I Care About Prop 47 If I’ve Already Completed My Sentence?

YES! Just because you’re no longer in jail does not mean you can’t benefit from Prop 47. You can still file a resentencing petition with help from a Prop 47 attorney. If successful, your felony conviction will be replaced by a misdemeanor on your permanent record. This will not restore lost gun rights, but the removal of a felony from your record can still provide important benefits for your reputation going forward.

Why Choose The Mattern Law Firm As Your Prop 47 Attorney

Though Prop 47 seems simple on the surface, in reality there are many confusing restrictions and exclusions in the law. The best way to find out for certain if you are eligible to file a resentencing petition is to contact a legal team like the one at The Mattern Law Firm that has been following the implementation of Prop 47 very carefully.

We can not only provide an accurate assessment of your chances of securing a Prop 47 reduction, we can also help you draft and file your petition in a fast and professional manner to ensure your case gets reviewed as soon as possible.

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The first step towards freedom from behind bars and/or a cleaner criminal record just might be as easy as calling 310-807-1263 to speak with a Prop 47 attorney. Don’t delay in discovering how we can help you exercise your right to sentencing relief.