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Property Crime Defense Attorney

Have you been accused of stealing or damaging something that belongs to another person? You need an experienced property crimes attorney to help you understand the charges against you and advise you of the best course to take in fighting back against these charges.

Remember: Your Best Option May Not Include Going To Trial!

Depending on the circumstances and the strength of the evidence against you, it may be preferable to avoid the risks and delays of a courtroom proceeding by pushing for a plea deal instead. In the case of non-violent offenses—especially first-time offenses—it is often possible for your property crimes attorney to secure a plea that will enable you to get on with your life with very little negative impact.

We Handle All Kinds of Property Crimes

Because the category of property crimes encompasses many diverse offenses, it is essential to have an experienced and well-rounded criminal defense attorney on your side. With over 25 years of experience in criminal law, The Mattern Law Firm has the skills and experience needed to prepare an expert defense for any property crime, including:

Expect the Best from Your Property Crimes Attorney

Some law firms pitch their services based on the name of a skilled senior attorney, then dump their clients off on a junior attorney, paralegal, or case manager for the majority of their needs.

This does not happen at The Mattern Law Firm!

When you hire Ms Mattern as your property crimes lawyer, you will work exclusively with Ms Mattern. You will never have to discuss your sensitive legal matter with anyone else, and your attorney will handle every aspect of your case personally, including all communications and all court appearances.

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