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Facing Forgery Charges? Don’t Lose Heart, You Have Options

Have you been accused of forging any kind of document for your own gain?

The bad news is:

The definition of forgery is broader than you might think. It is not just limited to faking someone’s signature, but also includes changing or falsifying any legal document pertaining to money, finances or property. You can be charged for these activities even if you never actually succeed in using the documents for their intended fraudulent purpose. These issues can be complex and you will definitely want the help of a skilled forgery attorney as the case proceeds.

The good news is:

Forgery is actually one of the more difficult crimes for a prosecutor to prove. Why? Because even if the prosecution has the fake document in hand with clear evidence that you created it, they still have to prove that you intended to defraud someone when you faked the document. Without this element of intent, a faked document is not a forgery in the legal sense and you cannot be punished for creating it.

We Excel at Undermining Prosecution Arguments

With The Mattern Law Firm on your side as your forgery lawyer, you can rest assured that every possible avenue will be explored for your defense. We will scrutinize the prosecution’s witness testimony for any lies or omissions and analyze all their evidence to ensure it was all obtained legally by the police.

Often, we can make the prosecution’s arguments collapse with research alone, which may result in formal charges never being filed or being dropped before trial. We can also help to secure a plea deal or defend you at trial as appropriate.

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