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Defending Clients In Three Strikes Offenses

Don’t risk unfair sentencing in your felony case. Hire a skilled three strikes attorney to defend you. California’s Three Strikes Law provides increasingly harsh sentences for repeat offenders who commit certain serious or violent felonies. Considering that the third strike carries the potential for a life sentence, many people are most worried about third-strike offenses.

You Should Not Wait Until The Third Eligible Offense To Consult An Experienced Attorney

Every potential strike deserves expert representation. By being proactive about your first eligible offense and hiring an expert attorney from The Mattern Law Firm, you can hopefully avoid a felony conviction and keep from getting any strikes on your record that could cause big problems later on.

We Handle All Kinds Of Three Strike Offenses

At The Mattern Law Firm, we have over 25 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney. During that time we have stood up in just about every courthouse in 5 counties and defended numerous clients against all kinds of three strike offenses such as:

At Risk Of “Striking Out”?

If you are facing charges for a potential third strike, don’t give up! Here are three ways your three strikes attorney could help you avoid that a potential strike-out sentence of 25 to life:

  • Beat the current charge: The best possible outcome in a third strike case would be to have the current felony charge dropped entirely, or to secure an acquittal at trial. This would allow you to go free with no penalty at all.
  • Reduce it: If the evidence against you is strong, it may be possible to get the harsh third strike penalties off the table by seeking a plea deal that will reduce the felony charge for a “wobbler” crime to a misdemeanor and thereby make it ineligible for three strikes penalties.
  • Dismiss a prior conviction: Sometimes judges and prosecutors will voluntarily dismiss a prior strike conviction because the third strike offense is very minor and they believe the harsh penalty that would apply would be “cruel and unusual.” In other cases, a three-strikes lawyer in Los Angeles CA must submit a Romero motion to encourage the judge to consider this possibility. In any case, if a prior conviction is no longer considered a strike, the current charge will not rise to third strike status, thus saving the defendant from the dreaded 25 to life penalty.

Hire An Experienced Three Strikes Attorney Today

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