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If you have been involved in a car accident that killed someone, it is natural to feel guilty. However, you must not, under any circumstances, allow these natural feelings of guilt or responsibility for the events that transpired keep you from hiring a vehicular manslaughter attorney to defend you. Without a skilled attorney on the case, you run the risk of being unjustly punished out of proportion with your actual criminal liability for the incident.

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The two most important questions to be considered in any vehicular manslaughter case are:

Did The Defendant Really Cause The Accident?

Obviously if your vehicular manslaughter attorney can establish that the accident was not actually your fault at all, you cannot be found guilty. When you hire The Mattern Law Firm, we will do a thorough job investigating the circumstances of your accident, including re-interviewing eyewitnesses or getting expert testimony from an accident reconstructionist, in order to make sure you are not punished for the result of an accident that was actually caused by another party.

Is The Type Of Charge Appropriate?

Even if you did undeniably cause the accident, a vehicular manslaughter attorney can still help by making sure that the charge matches the facts of the case. The possible different charges include:

  • Misdemeanor Vehicular Manslaughter—applies when only ordinary negligence caused the accident
  • Gross Vehicular Manslaughter—applies when gross negligence (knowingly reckless behavior) caused the accident
  • California Felony-Murder—applies if you were engaged in a felony at the time of the accident
  • Vehicular Manslaughter while Intoxicated—applies if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident
  • DUI Murder—may apply if you are a repeat DUI offender

Because the penalties for these crimes can vary widely, this can be a very fruitful area for your vehicular manslaughter lawyer to explore when trying to secure a more favorable outcome to your case. For example, if convicted of gross vehicular manslaughter (which is a felony) your maximum penalty would be six years in state prison. But if your attorney proves only ordinary negligence was involved in the accident, the charge would have to be reduced to a misdemeanor and you would face at most one year in county jail.

Have Questions Only A Vehicular Manslaughter Attorney Can Answer?

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