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Protect Your Future And Career With Help From A White Collar Crime Lawyer

The term white collar crime may call up images of executives in business suits, but in reality anyone can potentially be charged with a white collar crime such as:

If you are facing allegations of any of these types of crimes—or some other sort of financial crime—you need to hire an experienced white collar crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA such as The Mattern Law Firm right away.

Now You Might Be Wondering:

What if the charge is minor? Do I really need an attorney?

YES! Every charge deserves assistance from a dedicated white collar crimes lawyer in Los Angeles CA.

With white collar crimes, the criminal penalties at stake can vary widely depending on the nature of the crime and the value of the cash or property that was taken. However, even if the criminal penalties associated with your particular crime are light, a conviction could have other serious impacts on your future. For example, some convictions may interfere with your ability to hold certain state licenses that are necessary for your profession.

Get A White Collar Crime Attorney in Los Angeles CA Working for You Right Away

Being formally charged with a white collar crime—even if you are later found innocent at trial—can have a damaging impact on your professional reputation and your career. This is why it is essential to hire a white collar crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA as soon as you realize you are under investigation. By leaping into action and conducting our own investigation into the facts of the case, we may be able to convince the District Attorney not to pursue a case against you to save you from both criminal penalties and damage to your reputation.

If this is not possible, we may still be able to help keep your name out of the spotlight by working towards a plea deal, which will provide a fast resolution to the matter and result in a lighter penalty than you might receive in court.

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