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Defending Clients Against Money Laundering Charges

Time is of the essence when it comes to hiring your money laundering attorney.

Have you been accused of helping to conceal or disguise the proceeds of criminal activity such as:

Bad news for you:

Money laundering has been identified as a “major threat” by the FBI. This means that federal investigators and prosecutors are going to pursue your case very aggressively. You absolutely cannot afford to hire the wrong attorney to defend you! Your need a money laundering attorney with specific experience in this federal crime.

Pre-Trial Preparation By An Experienced Money Laundering Attorney Is Key

Because of the way the federal justice system works, pre-trial preparation is absolutely essential for a successful defense against a money laundering charge. It is very difficult to get a plea deal or charge reduction once charges have been formally filed, so we need to get a complete understanding of your case early on or else risk missing this opportunity.

At The Mattern Law Firm, we know how to run a thorough pre-trial investigation for a money laundering charge, including filing the specific discovery motions necessary to compel prosecutors, employers, and financial institutions to produce their records for our analysis and review.

If you set us to work as your money laundering lawyer quickly enough, and we uncover substantial evidence to support your defense, we could even succeed in preventing you from being indicted in the first place or at least limit the severity of the charges being filed.

You may be wondering…

What If I Need Help With Other Related Crimes?

If you’re facing a money laundering charge, you’re right to be concerned about the possibility of other charges. The FBI often uses money laundering as a launching pad for prosecution of the criminal activities the money laundering was meant to conceal. This makes it very important to hire a money laundering attorney with a broad experience in all areas of criminal law.

After more than 25 years of experience in criminal law, the legal team at The Mattern Law Firm has what it takes to provide a strong defense not only against money laundering charges but against any other related charges.

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