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Los Angeles Cybercrimes Attorney

Internet crimes are complex, so be sure to hire an experienced cybercrimes attorney to defend you.

Many different types of illegal activities conducted online can qualify as cybercrime. We frequently handle cases involving:

Typically, these cases are charged under California’s internet crime laws. However, if you allegedly targeted a large network of computers, used a network to carry out a crime, or attacked a computer used by the federal government or affecting interstate commerce or communications…

Watch out!

Your Crime Could Be Prosecuted In Federal Court Under The Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

Penalties for violations of the CFAA are quite strict, with a conviction for any of the following types of federal cybercrimes potentially subjecting you to a penalty of 10 years or more:

  • Trespassing in a Government Computer
  • Accessing a Computer and Obtaining Information
  • Obtaining National Security Information
  • Accessing a Computer to Defraud and Obtain Value
  • Intentionally Causing Damage and Loss
  • Trafficking in Passwords
  • Extortion Involving Computers

The good news is:

The Mattern Law Firm can help as your cybercrimes lawyer in Los Angeles CA. We have ample experience in both cybercrimes and federal court cases. This is important because:

We Know How To Analyze Highly Technical Evidence Related To Cybercrimes

We have extensive experience navigating the federal criminal justice system including special steps like the initial court appearance, indictment, and pre-trial presentations.

In other words, while your average criminal defense attorney might only be able to give you half the service you need, our comprehensive expertise has you 100 percent covered.

Your Fight is Our Fight

At The Mattern Law Firm, we will take your case seriously whether you are facing state charges or federal charges. As your cybercrimes, we will work hard to explore every possible option for your defense to give you the best possible chance of securing an outcome that is favorable to you, whether that is getting the charges dropped, securing a plea deal with the lightest possible penalties, or defending you at trial to secure an acquittal.

Our dedication to each and every client is proven in the fact that The Mattern Law Firm will handle all of your court appearances and communications personally, never passing you off on a case manager or paralegal. You will be able to reach your cybercrime attorney in Los Angeles CA at any time by phone or email for any questions about your case.

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