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Drug Crimes

Don’t become another casualty of the “War on Drugs!” Hire us as your drug crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA for an aggressive defense.

The “War on Drugs,” initiated by President Nixon in the 1970s, is now widely regarded as a failure that did not appreciably reduce drug use and drug crimes in our country, but instead only served to make recovery even harder for addicted individuals.

And yet…

The “War On Drugs” Is Still Claiming Casualties Among People Just Like You

While California has made important reforms in the way our state laws treat drug crimes, many law enforcement authorities and prosecutors have not changed their attitudes and still operate under a “War on Drugs” mentality. They aggressively pursue any and all individuals they suspect of involvement with illegal narcotics and drugs, sometimes trampling on defendants’ rights in the process.

This means you need an aggressive drug crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA on your side to stand up to police and prosecutors and make sure your rights are protected.

We Handle All Kinds Of Drug Charges

Who better to choose as your drug crimes lawyer in Los Angeles CA than The Mattern Law Firm? We frequently defend clients accused of the following categories of drug crimes:

At The Mattern Law Firm, we can provide the aggressive and intelligent defense strategy you need to secure the best possible outcome in your case, whether that be a dismissal of the charges, acceptance into a drug diversion program, or a plea deal for a reduced charge or reduced sentence. We truly care about each and every client and handle all court appearances personally.

We have served literally thousands of clients as a drug crimes lawyer in Los Angeles CA, and no matter what kind of state or federal drug charges you may be facing, we can help you too.

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