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We’ll Handle Your Violent Crime Case in Lancaster CA


We’ll Handle Your Violent Crime Case in Lancaster CA

November 24, 2021

Violent crimes understandably come with some pretty harsh consequences. Of course, different types of violent crimes, like assault and homicide, can carry very different types and levels of punishments. However, it doesn’t erase the fact that all violent crimes come with a hefty price to pay, often in the form of jail or prison time. […]

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Receive Legal Help for Wrongful Homicide Accusations in South Gate CA

November 11, 2021

Being accused of something is never a fun situation to be in. Part of you wants to get loud, defensive, and quick as you verbalize what truly went down. Another part of you wants to play it cool and slowly walk through the accusation as you tell your side to the story. In general, it’s […]

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Is Self Defense Considered Assault & Battery in Simi Valley CA?

September 23, 2021

Everyone knows there are exceptions to every rule. A teacher tells their students to remain silent while they’re teaching. However, if an emergency started occurring in the classroom, like a fire or a student beginning to seize, it would make perfect sense for the students to yell out to get the teacher’s attention rather than […]

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What is the Jail Time for Vehicular Manslaughter in Hollywood CA?

September 9, 2021

Vehicular manslaughter involves the loss of life of a person, whether by striking a pedestrian with your vehicle or hitting another car with a person in it. As one can imagine, getting a charge for this can be incredibly stressful and very serious. Already, the person who committed the crime is likely feeling an immense […]

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Violent Crimes Need to be Handled by a Lawyer Specializing in Violent Crimes in Montebello CA

August 24, 2021

One big misconception that many people hold is that all lawyers are capable of, and willing to, defend clients for any type of crime that they might be accused of. In reality, most lawyers specialize in certain areas – whether that be divorce and legal separation, business, bankruptcy, employment, personal injury, or even violent crime. […]

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We Handle All Sorts of Sex Crime Cases in Cerritos CA

August 11, 2021

Thousands of sex crimes occur each year in the state of California. However, many sex crimes are never actually reported. On top of that, there is a slim percentage of sex crimes that are reported but, however, involve a false accusation and are completely fabricated as a form of retaliation against someone like an ex […]

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Attorney Lisa Mattern Has Been Resolving Violent Crimes in Southern California Since 2007

July 22, 2021

Just about everyone knows that crimes that are violent in nature tend to have greater legal consequences. After all, to the public, someone who is violent is not trusted to live within normal society. Regardless of the consequences, though, these types of crimes still happen everywhere you go. A violent crime might be the result […]

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Do You Qualify for a Shorter Prison Sentence According to Los Angeles CA’s New Resentencing Directive?

July 9, 2021

Los Angeles-based district attorney, George Gascon, announced on December 7, 2020 a series of new charging and sentencing policies. Gascon recommended the shortening of prisoners’ sentences based on certain conditions with the hope to keep only the dangerous, violent felons behind bars and lower the recidivism rates for those who are not considered dangerous or […]

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Contact a Violent Crimes Attorney in San Fernando CA to Prove Your Innocence

June 22, 2021

Anyone who has ever been prosecuted for a violent crime would tell you that it’s one of the worst things you can ever have permanently plastered on your record, let alone, all the jail or prison time, fines, and the like that they’ve had to face after prosecution. A criminal record indicating that you’ve partook […]

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False Rape Charges in Carson CA Can Be Taken Care of with Attorney Lisa Mattern

June 9, 2021

Rape is a four-letter word that a lot of people can’t even say, let alone, type. It’s a very touchy, sensitive topic – and rightfully so. So, imagine what it’d be like to be prosecuted for a sexual crime like this one, let alone, in the state of California. It wouldn’t be too pretty, now, […]

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