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What Type of Violent Crimes Can Mattern Law Firm Handle in Huntington Park CA?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Firm News

There are a lot of different crimes that one can be charged for. However, violent crimes tend to be one of the most common.

If you’re quite familiar with violent crimes, you might be aware that being found guilty of one of these crimes can leave a pretty big dent on your record. Not only might you have to face jail or prison time and/or monetary fines, but having one of these crimes on your record can most definitely change how potential employers and landlords view you.

If you’ve recently partook in a violent crime or are being accused of such despite being innocent, the Mattern Law Firm can help defend you in court to possibly get your charges dropped or lessened, resulting in fewer, less serious consequences.

Here are the types of violent crimes that the Mattern Law Firm can work with:

Physical Violence

There are many different types and levels of physical violence. Some of the most common forms that the Mattern Law Firm has worked with in the past include assault, battery, and domestic violence. Even simply the threat of taking physical violence on someone might be the perfect case for our firm to take on. Violence is no laughing matter; it’s one that we and the general public take very seriously, even when violence or violent threats are difficult to prove.


Homicide, or the murder of another human being, is one of the most serious types of violent crimes by far. However, not all homicides are intentional or planned. Sometimes a homicide can even be legally defended in court depending on all circumstances.


Kidnapping doesn’t always have to involve taking and transporting a young stranger. The victim can even be your teenage son or daughter that you don’t have custody over. Either way, kidnapping does not look good on one’s record at the slightest, and it can involve hefty punishments.

Sexual-Related Offenses

Sex crimes can be either misdemeanors or felonies. However, if they involve violence or force, they are almost always felonies. From rape to molestation and beyond, the Mattern Law Firm has worked with just about any violent sex crime known to man.

Gang-Related Offenses

Any violent crime involving gang activity is one that the Mattern Law Firm can work with. These cases can be very complex on both sides, making them crucial to have a skilled, experienced defense attorney in Huntington Park, CA. Lisa Mattern at the Mattern Law Firm definitely meets that criteria.

Do you need help fighting a violent crime? Look no more! Contact Lisa Mattern at The Mattern Law Firm at 310-807-1263 right now.