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3 Signs That You’re Hiring the Wrong Criminal Defense Attorney in Van Nuys CA

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Firm News

Everyone wants to believe that the very first criminal defense attorney they come across when conducting research is the “right” one for them. They might see an ad for an attorney online or click on the very first listing of an attorney’s website in their area who specializes in the field they need criminal defense services for. Upfront, they want to believe that they’ll be the perfect match.

However, as you begin to take advantage of free consultations from various criminal defense attorneys, you realize quickly that, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Some attorneys in some shape or form just don’t seem to be a good match for you and your particular case, making hiring a criminal defense attorney more difficult than you ever imagined.

If you’re debating on which attorney to hire or have generally no idea how to select the right criminal defense attorney, below are some signs that you’re about to pick the wrong attorney.

    1. They Don’t Exactly Specialize in Your Particular Case

So, you’ve found a criminal defense attorney, but what do you know – they don’t have experience working with your exact type of case. Maybe they provide criminal defense for those who have been wrongfully accused of engaging in violence, but they don’t really provide defense for domestic violence cases in particular. While they both fall under the violence category, general violence and domestic violence can pose different legal issues and consequences, making it important to try to find a criminal defense attorney who does, in fact, have experience working with domestic violence cases.

    1. They’re Fresh in the Criminal Justice Industry

A lawyer who’s a newbie doesn’t necessarily mean they suck at what they do. But, often, it’s the ones who aren’t new to law who are the top seeds of the industry and have enough experience up their sleeves to tackle even the hardest tasks apart of their career and the toughest cases.

    1. You Don’t Seem to “on the Same Wavelength” as Them During a Consultation

Have you ever had a consultation with a criminal defense attorney, only to realize that things just don’t seem to click? Maybe they can’t really answer your questions as thoroughly as you imagined, or they don’t seem too enthused or confident in taking on your case, or you find out that they’re not as experienced as you thought, or you get bad vibes from the attorney. Sometimes it’s best to just listen to your gut. The first consultation can teach you a lot and is ultimately the way you know if a lawyer is the right fit for you. First impressions really make a difference.

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