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How Can a Lawyer Defend a Client Against False Domestic Violence Accusations in Santa Clarita CA?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Firm News

It’s official: you’ve been asked to appear in court and/or had a police officer confront you in your very own home, possibly resulting in you walking away in handcuffs. Why, you might wonder? Because your spouse, ex-spouse, or soon-to-be-ex spouse accused you of violently attacking them in some shape or form. The only problem is, you didn’t actually get violent with your spouse at all; it’s a false allegation.

The bad news is, dealing with a domestic violence case can be mentally difficult on the person being falsely accused. The good news, though, is that these incorrect allegations can be shut down with a skilled violent crime attorney who offers criminal defense services.

Domestic Violence Attorneys Have Tactics Up their Sleeves to Prove You Innocent

As much as you might think you can handle the accusations yourself, sometimes telling your side of the story sometimes isn’t enough. As aggravating as this might be for you, this is just how the legal system goes. It takes more than mere words to prove a point, hence why criminal defense attorneys do so much more to get you proven innocent in court.

Apart from reiterating your side of the story, an attorney will spend hours on end looking for thorough evidence that you didn’t commit domestic violence. They will also attempt to unveil the lies the other party mentions with proof.

Attorneys apart of domestic violence cases will be particularly interested in knowing about the victim’s supposed injuries and how they came about, what was happening before and during the so-called violent attack, if there were drugs and/or alcohol involved in the incident, and if there are an inconsistencies in the story being told from either side. This very information can be potentially used to prove the suspect innocent – or guilty depending on the nature of the situation.

You Deserved to Be Heard Out – Hire a Violent Crime Defense Lawyer Now

Without a solid lawyer, it can be difficult to feel like your side of the story is being properly amplified in the courtroom. You may even feel like you’re being misunderstood or even silenced. After all, it’s not uncommon that you feel the victim is getting more of the talking in.

Make sure that your side is being represented in the matter that it should. Call Attorney Mattern at 310-807-1263 to see if her domestic violence criminal defense services would be relevant for you.