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California Juvenile Crimes Attorney

The juvenile court system is much more geared towards rehabilitation and reform than the regular criminal justice system. However, this by no means suggests that a juvenile charge is something you can take lightly as the parent or guardian of a kid who has gotten mixed up in crime.

The truth of the matter is: You need to get your child help from a juvenile crimes attorney right away.

The more quickly you act, the more time we will have to prepare a strong defense for the minor and the better his or her chances will be of escaping from the encounter with the juvenile courts unscathed.

We Handle All Kinds Of Juvenile Offenses

As your juvenile crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA, we can help with any of the following three main types of juvenile crimes:

  • Status Offenses—These are acts that are only crimes because of the minor’s age, such as truancy, curfew violations, and underage drinking.
  • Delinquency Offenses–This includes all kinds of crimes that are not affected the minor’s age. Common delinquency offenses include vandalism, shoplifting, and petty theft.
  • Juvenile Tried as Adult—In cases of certain serious violent or sexual crimes, minors between 14 and 16 may be found competent to stand trial as an adult. Minors over age 16 may be tried as an adult for any crime at the court’s discretion.

We’ll Be With You Every Step Of The Way

Even if you know a little bit about the adult criminal justice system, juvenile court is going to feel like a whole different world. There is different vocabulary, different procedures, and even a few different penalties potentially involved.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about feeling confused or overwhelmed with The Mattern Law Firm as your juvenile crimes lawyer. We will be with you every step of the way, providing support and information about the special steps involved in a juvenile case including:

  • The detention hearing (where the minor enters their plea)
  • The jurisdictional hearing (where the case is argued before a judge, not a jury)
  • The disposition hearing (where the sentence is determined in the event of a conviction)

We will never force you to go through a case manager or paralegal to get information about your child’s case. Instead, your attorney will handle every step of the process personally, including making all court appearances and responding to all your calls and emails.

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