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Federal Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Don’t entrust your case to just any criminal attorney! Hire an experienced federal drug crimes attorney in Los Angeles.

Though it is possible to end up facing federal drug charges for something as simple as possessing marijuana on federal lands, the DEA mostly restricts its investigations to bigger fish.


This doesn’t mean you need to be some kind of drug kingpin to hire a federal drug crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA. If federal authorities believe you are in any way connected with an organization that is manufacturing, importing, or distributing drugs, they may bring you in on a federal charge. Considering that the mandatory sentencing guidelines for even low-level drug crimes are quite harsh, you will definitely need an attorney specializing in federal proceedings to help you out.

Here’s The Most Important Thing To Understand

The US Department of Justice doesn’t fool around. They don’t pursue cases without strong evidence, and they sometimes spend years collecting this evidence using surveillance, wiretaps, and other serious investigation techniques. By the time you realize they plan to charge you with a crime, you are already at a disadvantage.

The good news is:

Hiring a skilled federal drug crimes attorney from The Mattern Law Firm can help you level the playing field. Because we already understand how the federal justice system works, we won’t waste any valuable time playing catchup like your average California criminal defense attorney might. Instead, we can proceed directly to vital activities such as:

  • Helping you arrange for bail before arrest
  • Scrutinizing the prosecution’s evidence for weaknesses
  • Gathering our own evidence for your defense
  • Exploring the possibility of a deal providing a reduced charge or sentence in exchange for cooperation

If the case does proceed to trial we can of course continue to assist you as your federal drug crimes lawyer in Los Angeles CA. We will work hard to identify any pieces of evidence that may have been obtained through coercion or illegal search and seizure and file motions to get them thrown out. We will also craft a compelling argument for your defense and present it in a way that will be convincing to the judge and jury.

How To Choose Your Federal Drug Crimes Attorney

When looking for a federal drug crimes attorney in Los Angeles CA, you should consider:

  • Overall expertise in drug cases
  • Specific experience in federal cases
  • Guarantee of personal attention from the attorney (not a case manager) every step of the way

You will also want to meet your attorney and get a feel for how they might approach your case before hiring them.

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