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Fight Back Against Aggressive Prosecutors In Gang Related Offenses

Facing any kind of criminal charge is serious enough. But if the District Attorney’s office believes that your crime was related to gang activity, prosecutors are going to go into overdrive. They will be extremely aggressive in pursuing a conviction and they will almost certainly attach gang enhancements to your case.

Here’s Why This Should Scare You:

Gang enhancements can add years to your sentence, even if the original crime was minor and carried a relatively light sentence on its own. Gang enhancements can also be used to convert a lesser offense into a “strike” offense for the purposes of California’s “Three Strikes” law. If this is your third strike, you could be looking at life in prison.

The Good News Is:

The Mattern Law Firm can help. With over 25 years of experience in gang-related offenses in five counties, we make an excellent choice of criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles CA for your case. We will be every bit as aggressive in fighting to secure the most favorable outcome possible in your case as the prosecution is in fighting for most severe penalties possible.

5 Reasons You Need An Experienced Gang Offense Attorney

Case Law is Always Changing: An inexperienced criminal defense attorney is probably not caught up on the ever-evolving body of case law related to the misuse and overuse of gang statutes and gang enhancements. A gang offense lawyer understands the latest case law and can apply it to your benefit when appropriate.

You May Face a Special Prosecutor: The District Attorney is almost certainly going to assign a special prosecutor to your case. This prosecutor will be an absolute expert in gang cases, so it is extremely important you have an expert on your side as well.

Discovery Is Different: In gang cases, some very specific types of evidence come into play, such as Field Interview Cards and Cal Gangs Database records. A criminal defense attorney who rarely handles gang cases may not know to request these items through discovery, but we will.

Gang Experts Will Be Called: The prosecution often presents police officers that patrol gang areas as “expert” witnesses, and if these witnesses are not properly handled by an experienced gang offense attorney, they can turn the jury against you and do a lot of damage to your position.

Specific Motions Apply: There are a number of specific motions that can be hugely beneficial to your position in a gang case—but only if your attorney knows to file them! For example, one very important motion that an experienced gang offense attorney may use is a bifurcation motion to separate the main charge from the gang charge and potentially save you from harsh gang enhancement penalties.

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When you hire The Mattern Law Firm as your gang offense attorney, you can rest assured you will get the aggressive and intelligent representation you deserve. To learn more about the outcomes that may be possible in your case, fill out our online contact form or call us at 310-807-1263 for a free case evaluation.