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Defending Clients Against Charges Of Reckless Or Malicious Arson

Whether you’re accused of setting a small brush fire, a raging inferno engulfing multiple buildings, or something in between, you’re going to need an experienced arson attorney on your side. After all, there are some very important nuances in an arson case and your attorney’s treatment of them can potentially clear your name entirely or add or subtract years from your sentence if convicted.

Key Points For Any Arson Case

In order to secure a conviction for arson, the prosecution must prove that:

  • You were the person who set or caused the fire, or you assisted another person in doing so
  • Your actions were deliberate or recklessly negligent

By disproving either of these points, your arson attorney can destroy the prosecution’s case against you.

We Know How To Build A Strong Defense Against Arson Charges

At The Mattern Law Firm, we can draw on many years of experience with arson cases to guide us in crafting a strong defense strategy tailored to the specifics of your case. Important parts of our investigation will include:

  • Re-examining the physical evidence from the scene of the arson to see if there is any reasonable doubt that the fire was caused by your actions
  • Locating and interviewing any witnesses that could support your defense
  • Making sure the prosecution does not admit any material into evidence that was obtained unlawfully during the police investigation

Depending on the case, we may then be able to use the evidence we uncover to:

  • Convince the prosecutor they can’t win the case in court and charges must be dropped
  • Secure a plea deal for a reduced charge and the lightest possible penalty
  • Argue your case in court to secure an acquittal

What If The Fire Was Accidental?

Unfortunately, you are not necessarily off the hook just because you did not intend to set a fire that destroyed property. This just clears you of “malicious” arson and the higher penalties that this charge brings. In order to also clear you of “reckless” arson, your arson lawyer must further prove that your accident was caused by nothing more than ordinary carelessness. In other words, your attorney must show that at the time of the incident, you did not consciously disregard any substantial or unjustifiable risk that your actions might set a fire.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry. The Mattern Law Firm can handle even the most complicated arson cases.

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