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Why Has Domestic Violence Risen in California Since the Coronavirus?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Firm News

Domestic violence doesn’t only occur in certain regions, among couples of a certain age range or ethnicity, or even at a specific time. Anyone can be a suspect; anyone can be a victim – and at any time, too. And, in order for domestic violence to occur, there doesn’t have to be substance abuse involved or even an argument that breaks out between the suspect and the victim. Sadly, there may not be warning signs when it may erupt.

Although it can occur at any time, since Californians have been quarantined, there has been a significant rise in domestic violence. Yet, many California-based emergency responders have noticed that victims have been less likely to report domestic violence. Nonetheless, the increase of violence in the household has been a big concern lately.

But why is domestic violence occurring more now than before? Although there may be a handful of reasons why, below are just a few common ones.

More People Are Staying Home.

The longer people are cooped up in their homes, the more they may find themselves arguing with and getting annoyed by household members. In small amounts, this is normal. Some of us are more social than others. Even for those who are highly outgoing may find themselves getting irritated by other members in their household if they’re spending too much time with them. In some cases, however, this can turn into violence if the aggressor fails to successfully handle their negative feelings towards others.

Many People Are Stressed Out About the Virus.

A majority of us are feeling more stressed than ever before. Many of us are losing our jobs permanently, being laid off, getting our hours cut, worried about us or our loved ones contracting the virus, concerned about our falling stocks and retirement plans, anxious about keeping toilet paper and other necessities in stock, and generally going stir-crazy with not being able to leave the house. That said, for many of us, that stress turns into anger. And anger has the potential to turn into violence.

Job Loss = An Idle Mind = Stress and Frustration

Have you ever heard that an idle mind is the Devil’s playground? For some people, that seems to be the case. For those with mental health setbacks in particular, the loss of work temporarily or permanently, or even just working less hours, can be a trigger for anger, depression, or stress. Those who are unable to properly manage these emotions and feelings may end up directing their negative emotions onto a loved one, sometimes in a manner that is physical.

As you can see, domestic violence is a very real and serious issue, especially during times like these. Although there’s no doubt that violence has risen in the household setting, some people may be more likely to report false cases of domestic violence as well.

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