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Is Child Abuse Considered a Federal Crime in California?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Firm News

Just in the United States alone, an estimated 700,000 children are victims of abuse each year. It’s upsetting to think that so many young, innocent individuals are being targeted physically, verbally, sexually, mentally, or emotionally. These children don’t deserve to be abused nor do they have any sort of control over it. Even short-term child abuse can have long-term, if not permanent, effects.

Based on the effects of child abuse alone, it makes sense that abusers get criminally punished for their actions. Many would agree that the consequences should be high. Yet, still, many people are curious how serious the consequences actually are for someone who has been suspected of abusing a child.

Whether Child Abuse is Tried and Prosecuted at the State or Federal Level Depends on Many Factors.

Child abuse is illegal in all 50 states in the United States – as it is also at the federal level. And it can be legally dealt with either at the state or federal level.

When determining how it should be tried and prosecuted, it all comes down to what makes the case unique

  • The type of abuse
  • What occurred
  • How long it has been occurring
  • Whether not not drugs or mental illness were factors
  • How many victims were involved
  • The age of the victim(s)
  • The current state of the victim (e.g., emotional, physical, etc.)
  • Past criminal history of the suspect

False Accusations of Child Abuse are More Common Than You Think.

Everyone is aware just how serious of a situation child abuse is and how urgent it is that it get properly taken care of. Sadly, people are still falsely accused of engaging in child abuse across the nation. Sometimes it is a matter of misinterpretation. Other times, it may be a way to retaliate against an ex or soon-to-be ex.

Either way, from a legal standpoint, false accusations are wrong, they’re criminal, and the accuser can most definitely be punished. Most importantly, the falsely accused deserves to be heard to help ensure they can escape any state or federal level punishment they would otherwise be receiving if they did, in fact, commit the crime.

Get Support for Your Child Abuse Accusation with a California Defense Attorney.

Everyone deserves justice when they’re being falsely accused of something they didn’t do. Nobody should be deemed a child abuser when they’ve never engaged in such a crime.

If you live in the Los Angeles, CA area, expert lawyer, Lisa Mattern, would be delighted to have chat with you regarding your legal options to fight against your false accusation of child abuse. For years, she has been working with clients accused of the same thing and has greatly help them in the courtroom.

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