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Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Don’t let identity theft allegations steal your future. Hire an identity theft attorney in Los Angeles CA today.

According to the US Justice Department, over 12 million Americans fall victim to identity theft each year. A great many of those victims live in California—we have the second highest rate of identity theft complaints in the country. It should come as no surprise that both the state government and the federal government are very concerned about identity theft.

Why should you care?

Whether you end up facing a state or a federal charge, the prosecution is likely to pursue the case very aggressively. This means that you need an aggressive identity theft attorney in Los Angeles CA on your side to look out for your interests and ensure your rights are protected throughout the criminal proceeding.

The Mattern Law Firm Can Handle All Kinds of Cases

California identity theft can be charged whenever any of the following “personal identifying information” is willfully obtained and used to commit a fraud:

  • names, birthdates, addresses and telephone numbers
  • tax IDs and SSNs
  • driver’s license numbers and passport information
  • bank account and/or credit card account information
  • information contained in birth and death certificates

No matter which of these types of information you have been accused of misusing or what type of fraud you are accused of using the information for, The Mattern Law Firm can help if you hire us as your identity theft lawyer in Los Angeles CA. We can appear in any court in California including federal courts.

Now you may be wondering:

What if I’m guilty? Do I still need an identity theft attorney in Los Angeles CA?

YES! As an identity theft attorney in Los Angeles CA, our job is not to judge but to provide the same level of expert representation to every client, regardless of their guilt or innocence.

If you are guilty, it is best to be completely honest about the situation with your attorney. Everything you tell us is confidential, and we need to know all the facts in order to best anticipate how the prosecution could proceed in your case.

Even if you are guilty and the evidence against you is very strong, we can still help by seeking to have you charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony or by working towards a plea deal that could secure you a reduced penalty.

Learn More with a Free Case Evaluation

If you would like to learn more about the different ways in which a skilled identity fraud attorney from The Mattern Law Firm can help you secure the most favorable outcome possible in your case, please call 310-342-8254 now for a free case evaluation.

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